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The Address of Happiness  is my first “hardcover” book.  The galleys  have gone out to  the printer but the  dust jackets were  being done at a different site. The publisher is small and outsources pretty much everything. I actually got a proof sheet  this week to  approve  the cover.

This was pretty cool for me. It was on one of those big ol’ FTP sites, but I have  dropped it here on the post.

A last-minute addition to the back flaps were the lyrics to the song, The Address Of Happiness, written by Rusty Lemorande who was the producer of Yentl (Barbra Streisand’s directorial debut) and  Captain EO  (the Disney 3D experience created by Michael Jackson, George Lucas, and Francis Ford Coppola). Rusty also wrote and produced the romance ,Electric Dreams, about a computer who brings two young lovers together. So Rusty’s lyrics were actually printed on the jacket cover. One of he  protagonists  in the story, Britney,  is a singer and her tour is called The Address of Happiness. 

The dust jacket

The dust jacket

Anyways, hard to see this in the  current format, but I love the first verse  to the song:

There’s a place I’d like to see,
though already part of me.
But someone must take me there.
The address of happiness

In the works is actually a plan to create the song and record it the coming weeks. I am hoping that it becomes a “wedding song” and that some couple this coming year will actually dance to it on their wedding day!

Here’s the story blurb for the book. It’s a hard story to pin down as the core of it is metaphysical, but I think the publisher did a nice job of it:

In this profound and enchanting story, former Paramount Pictures President David Paul Kirkpatrick gives voice to our deepest beliefs about the power of love. In a dramatic and heartbreaking opening sequence, two souls commit to one another moments before birth. Awakening into a place known as earth, the pre-ordained lovers go to extraordinary lengths in their search to reconnect with the love of their lives.

Guided by a holy music, these tender, living souls touch and fall in love — all over again. Their earthly journey towards one another is filled with magic as Maddie and Britney grow up, marry, have children and become old together making it easy for us to look past the traditional understanding of marriage when the complexities of human relationships are so beautifully described.

An unexpected and miraculous story, Address embraces all our hopes for finding someone special, for having a love that is everlasting. Kirkpatrick renews our faith in destiny and the timeless ability of lovers to find one another, no matter where in the universe that search may lead. One only needs The Address of Happiness.

Anyways, I know I have sunk to a new low by posting a blog on a dust jacket, but I am super excited , not so much because of the book alone, but the message of the book.