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Most notably, David Paul Kirkpatrick was a Production Chief at Walt Disney Pictures and Touchstone Pictures. He worked at Paramount Pictures for 17 years.  His last position there was as President of the Motion Picture Group. David Paul Kirkpatrick has been a storyteller all his life. At the age of 18, he sold his first original screenplay to Paramount Pictures. At 25, he became the studio’s story editor, supervising such scripts as Ordinary People and Elephant Man. Later as a Production Executive, he oversaw such pictures as Witness and Top Gun and franchises including Indiana Jones, Star Trek, Friday the 13th , and the Jack Ryan and  Beverly Hills Cop series. At Paramount, he became President of the studio, working with a diverse group of directors including Peter Weir , Francis Ford Coppola, and Martin Scorsese; and with motion picture stars,


The Golden Globes in 1997

most notably Eddie Murphy and Harrison Ford .In the years 1987 to 1988, he worked briefly at Disney where he held unique positions as President of Production for both Touchstone Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures. He is an award-winning  independent film-maker with pictures including Big Night,  and the HBO Television Miniseries, Rasputin. In 2008, David  co-founded  the MIT Center For Future Storytelling in Cambridge Massachusetts. The center’s mission is to explore   how technology and the arts can work together to elevate the human experience through the long-form narrative. The arts have always pushed new technology, most recently with Pixar in CGI animation and James Cameron with CGI Live-action with Terminator 2 and Avatar. In 2009,  David became a follower of Jesus.  He elected to devote his life to honoring God and

David Kirkpatrick and Frank Moss

David, Nexi and Frank Moss, Director of MIT Media Lab in 2009

encouraging Biblical Literacy.   He currently teaches Christian Worldview around the country.  He also speaks to college students and educators about the importance of “stories that matter”.  He is   developing a motion picture on the life of Jesus Christ and his first novel, The Address Of Happiness, will be published in 2013. David is a member of the Producers Guild of America and of The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. He is the 2009 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from Regent University for “redemptive entertainment” . A 1973 graduate of Cal Arts, David’s education was underwritten by grants from producer Ray Stark and the Walt Disney Foundation.  Today, David   devotes most of my time to writing, teaching, speaking and promoting Biblical literacy.

Here is  brief look at David Paul Kirkpatrick’s life in the movies as an executive and as a producer:


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