David Kirkpatrick: Encouraging a Bright Future For Media and The Individual

David KirkpatrickMy area of expertise is in movies, new media and technology. I have a passion in  helping people navigate balanced lives amidst the sweeping  new digital waters. I speak  at  secular as well as Christian events:  to educators as well as students, to colleges as well as high schools, to corporate as well as church groups.

I have worked inside the Hollywood studio system for most of my adult life . I was President of two movie studios: Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures. I have been a producer, screenwriter and director. I offer a unique perspective on a variety of topics in media.   My interest is to encourage and educate  a gifted new generation in how to pursue their dreams and find purpose in the world  of entertainment. I have a variety of  dynamic, prepared talks which are featured on this page: I can also create a presentation based on  particular needs of an event. The trademark of my presentations  are the commanding keynotes which include movies, photography and music.  All of us are visual learners so I like to inspire and educate through a powerful blend of visuals.  I have been speaking publicly for more than 10 years. I have also appeared on national television including CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox News, and CBN, as well as local television.   I now devote most of my time to writing, teaching and speaking.

Cruise_Ford_Travels In Transmedia

The Hero’s Journey Through Film

 Here are some of my most requested topics:


George Lucas FearlessWhen They Were Your Age: The Fearlessness of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

Not only did Lucas and Spielberg have something to say and an image-focused talent to execute on it, but they were courageous in beating back the odds that shouted “it couldn’t  and won’t be done”. There are revolutionary lessons to be learned in their early lives.  David also includes his own seat first hand experience  on the circumstances surrounding Star Wars and Jaws.


Vison in Travels in TransmediaYour Vision: How to get a job in modern entertainment, how to keep it and how to make it meaningful part of your own personal story.

David takes you through the steps of finding jobs including Studio ExecutiveDirector, Actor, Producer, Production Designer, and  Writer. “Being great at what you do and indispensible” are two of the ingredients in keeping the job. Making your job meaningful makes it sustainable for you as well as the company you serve.  David has seen careers develop successfully in all the above areas by following a key roadmap that will be helpful to any student who desires to make a living in media.



Visual StorytellingThe  Hallmark of Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling is an art that has its deep foundations in  craft.  If you want to tell your story well, you need to learn the nature of a “shot”. In a  fast-paced , three-hour presentation, you are taken through the critical truths of lighting, screen size,  acting and production design  by examining the works of EisensteinBergman, Hitchcock, Lucas, and Cameron. Using the works of Bruno Bettelheim, Joseph Campbell, and Carl Jung, this presentation is for anyone who has ever seen or wants to tell a story in a visual format.



Travels in TransmediaThe  most important book for movies in the last 50 years: Joseph  Campbell’s The Hero With A Thousand Faces

The what, why and how Joseph Campbell’s book , “The Hero With A Thousand Faces” revolutionized the movie business. David explains why it is critical to the success of any artist, executive, or craftsman wanting to know the heart of this book in the entertainment field. He will take you through the largest entertainment franchises that the world has yet seen: Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and Superman.



metaverse and the internetSocial Media  in the Metaverse 

Social media may be the greatest leadership tool ever invented; it also needs to be used with control and integrity. In this presentation, I explain how these new technologies can provide an opportunity to gain insight, show initiative, extend your influence, deepen your impact, and find new marketing strategies.  I also can tailor an inspiring presentation  about upcoming trends in the “metaverse” that demonstrates how two Christian men, Johannes Guttenberg (moveable print) and Samuel Morse (telegraph) changed the landscape of the world through technology.



“David shows us how storytelling is at the very root of what makes us uniquely human. It is how we share our experiences, learn from our past, and imagine our future. But how we tell our stories depends on another uniquely human characteristic which David makes clear — our ability to invent and harness technology. From the printing press to the Internet, technology has given people new ways to tell their stories, allowing them to reach new levels of creativity and personal fulfillment.  The importance of instilling meaning in tomorrow’s stories through technology is at the heart of David’s mission. He inspires us all. “

Frank Moss, Director, MIT Media Lab

“David Kirkpatrick spoke at the Regent University Executive Leadership Series and gave us a riveting insider look at the entertainment industry.  Our audience, a blend of business, civic and military leaders, as well as students and faculty were captivated by his energy, insight and humor.  Kirkpatrick delivers!”

Baxter Ennis, Executive Director, Regent University

“David wowed our students…he captured the essence of the discipline, honor, and integrity of our culture….and he did it through movies! What he had to say to our cadets was impressive! ”

Admiral Rick Gurnon, President,  Massachusetts Maritime Academy

“As a Keynote speaker at the  annual Building Learning Communities Conference, David completely charged up the 1200 innovative educators from around the world. The twitter feeds were so hot (from everything he was saying), I thought he might burn down the room.  He showed us  the incredible power of modern media and how it applies to lifelong learning. I know how important it is for educators to understand the impact and direction of the media. I was so overwhelmed with David’s presentation that I have been trying to have him write a curriculum for the public school system.”

Alan November, Director, Building Learning Communities Conference

 “David Kirkpatrick is a media revolutionary.  Anyone who is interested in getting inside the world of cinema and its impact on shaping our worldview will be delighted by  Mr. Kirkpatrick’s wise  and inspiring perspective. Mr. Kirkpatrick’s credentials speak for themselves but unlike many credentialed individuals, when it comes to presenting the importance of media, he hits his mark dead-on. ”

Hosea Baxter, Professor, Crossroads Bible College

For Churches:

In today’s world, technology, and particularly, our use of technology is a real challenge.  This use of technology is seldom addressed in the church.David Kirkpatrick’s recent talk on the correct balance and use of technology was a great help to the members of Greeneway Church.  Considering recent studies from Barna, MIT, and Stanford, he was able to take a Biblical point of view on how to conduct our lives and balance our use of texting, Goggling, iPads and iPhones.  In addition, David’s compelling personal story is one that must be heard.  I highly recommend David to any church group.

Wade B. Mumm, PhD, Lead Pastor, Greeneway Church

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