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Danny Choo and Choo Two

Danny Choo and Choo Two

Phillip K. Dick , the Sci-Fiction Prophet of  the 20th century , who lived on dog food at the end of his life, wrote extensively about cloning. In his novel, Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? which became the movie,  Blade Runner, he writes of a universe dominated by silicon bipeds (robotics). Folks, here comes the slow entering wedge of the future!

Welcome to the new and expensive craze in japan. Here  is the 3D printed doll, cloned from a real human’s head. Once you see it, you probably will never be able to un-see it..

This clone has a few friends that may or may not haunt you in your dreams later on. Imagine when they are all grown up and life-size.

The mini-me cloning service is popular among some Japanese women looking to preserve that special moment in life such as their wedding day, cloning hair & makeup and even the dress they wore.

Whatever you do, don’t make eye contact !

Oh you already did?

Because this is what happens to you if you do!

Just kidding! These are just some recently printed 3D heads on a stick drying off or something to that effect  –

Welcome to the Clone Factory in Akihabara, Japan. This is Danny Choo, again,who made me aware of  this from his blog, Culture Japan .

A bunch of digital SLR cameras all around him took photos of his head –

Then a big @ss printer made layers of ink which harden in a tray of plaster. The head is hiding inside that white pile of plaster dust –

Then, the clone is born … (and stuck on the body of a plastic Star Wars doll). You now owe them around $1,300. Surprise!!!

But hey, they clone pets too!

Oh no, he made eye contact!

Okay that’s all folks, wave goodbye now…  and you’ll be seeing her later on tonight, crawling out from underneath somewhere!

And remember, Blade Runner! In the future, be careful who you kiss! It might just be a droid who dreams of electric sheep!

Man and Droid, Harrison Ford and Sean Young, Blade Runner

Man and Droid, Harrison Ford and Sean Young, Blade Runner