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The 181 bids on eBay had brought the total for a place in heaven to a whopping $100,000.

At that point, the bidding has suspended. EBay’s reasoning? They had a policy of not selling the “intangible”. A place in heaven was considered such.

This was said to be a prank by a self-proclaimed atheist, Ari Mandel, 31, of Teaneck, New Jersey. Mr. Mandel was selling more than the intangible. He was selling something he did not really believe in.

Nevertheless, despite the ephemeral nature of the product, some 181 bids were placed on Mr. Mandel’s “portion of heaven” , before eBay’s suspension .

The bid was at $99,900 and there were still six days left in the bidding! Who knows how heavenward the price could have gone?

Screenshot of bid page before the eBay take down

Screenshot of bid page before the eBay take down.


This reminds me of the significant sale back in 2004 of the Virgin Mary on eBay.

In this, case however, eBay did not order a take down on the Blessed Mother. Apparently, she was viewed as “tangible”. According to sources, the Blessed Mother had actually manifest her face on a very real top of a grilled cheese sandwich.

The sandwich apparently was partially eaten and was some ten years old.

The bidding was not suspended. The winning bid, $28,000., was from the Golden Palace Casino, an online gambling portal.

The owner, Diana Duyser of  Hollywood, Florida, had claimed that she had kept the Virgin-Mary- grilled-cheese-manifestation in her nightstand drawer for ten years.

During they time, Ms. Duyer did quite well at the casinos, proof  of the divine powers of the sandwich.

Also considered tangible was the fact that the sandwich has remained mold-free for its ten years in a bedroom drawer.

Apparently, the Golden Palace are now selling "The Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese" - "The Passion Of The Toast"

Apparently, the Golden Palace is now selling “The Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese” – “The Passion Of The Toast”


If you or any participants up there are going to be sold, make sure the miracle has traction.

In other words, consider something in cheese.