Maewyn Succat is Saint Patrick

March 14, 2017 — Leave a comment

According to his journal, the Confessio, Maewyn Succat’s first utterance of the one known as “Jesus of Nazareth”, was “Helias”. From the Greek, Helias means the “son of the sun”.

At sixteen, in approx. 550 , Maewyn was captured by thugs in his homeland of Somerset, Britain. He was sold into slavery to  an Irish chieftain. For several years , Maewyn toiled in the fields of Ireland as a slave until he escaped. Years later, Maewyn returned to Ireland with a revolutionary agenda of social and spiritual change.

Within twenty-five years, Maewyn would end slavery in Ireland through the light of “Helias. He is known for ridding the emerald isle of snakes, but that may , indeed,  be a metaphor for the chains of oppression.

Today, Maewyn Succat is known as “Saint Patrick”. On March 17th, the world celebrates the life of the one who believed that all men and women deserved to be free.





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