The Address Of Happiness by David Paul Kirkpatrick is a love story. In this fantasy romance, two souls fall in love before they are born and vow to find each other on earth.

Their remarkable journey takes them through time, treasures, and  heaven, itself. With a breath-taking twist that leaves the reader enraptured by the mystery of life, itself, The Address Of Happiness takes you on an adventure to the stars and into the glimmer of eternity.

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Breakfast In The Temple  by David Paul Kirkpatrick is a “how to” book on the practice of the Presence of God. This practice allows the prayerful participant to rest and be inspired in God’s Almighty Presence. The simple and unique methodology is outlined in eleven gentle steps that can be accomplished in your home.

This is a Bible-centered, gentle process inspired by the habits of Jesus’ prayer life as outlined in the New Testament. The discipline in Breakfast In the Temple provides the construct to allow God, through the Holy Spirit, to wash you from the dust of culture, and to motivate you through God’s powerful and transcendent love. “Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you?” (1 Corinthians 3:16)

Originally written as a letter to a friend who was suffering grief from the unexpected death of her husband, this easy methodology has been transformative in the lives of most of the sincere people who have used it. It has strengthened the walk of many and encouraged others to a more virtue-based, joy-centered life.

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As you can see, the book is big and in final edit  @ September 2014

As you can see, the book is big and in final edit @ September 2014


Spring 2014

The Barefoot King by David Paul Kirkpatrick is the story of the life and times of Merlin, the wizard.  The book is  inspired by the 13th century works of French poet and playwright, Robert de Boron. The Barefoot King is the first book in the tetralogy, The Barefoot Stories. The other books in the cycle include The Barefoot Prince, The Return of The Barefoot King, and The Barefoot Wars. 

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According to the opening  author’s acknowledgment in The Barefoot King :

The Barefoot King and the subsequent Barefoot Stories are inspired by the surviving Arthurian works of French playwright and poet, Robert de Boron (1152 AD – 1202 AD).

The original de Boron poems (Merlin, and Joseph d’Arimathe) are housed in two different establishments in two separate cities in two different countries: the Bibliotheca Estense in Modena, Italy and the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, France. They chronicle the life and times of Merlin, the wizard. De Boron’s works are included in The Matter of Britain, the collective body of literary and historical works relating to the Kings of Britain. These originating de Boron’s works are significant but have been subsumed by time and the sheer abundance of modern populist material on Merlin; therefore, The Barefoot Stories are less of a reimagining of Merlin and rather a restoration of one of the most striking and original visions surrounding the mythic character.

The author is indebted and grateful to British Arthurian scholar, Professor Nigel Bryant, for his meticulous translations of the de Boron material into a coherent and insightful narrative in his academic work, Merlin and The Grail.

In The Barefoot King and The Barefoot Stories the names of the Island of Avalon, Guinevere, and Sir Kay have been returned to their Welsh originations from the 6th century. In an effort to create the flavor of the times, Old English has been used in dialogue when it can be easily discerned by the modern mind and heart.

Artistic license is taken with the William Blake’s poem, And As Those Feet In Ancient Time (better known today as the song, Jerusalem), which originally appeared to the public in 1808; here it appears in the 6th century. Blake’s words are intimately tied to the United Kingdom and form a mystic picture of the unflagging optimism and Spirit of a remarkable people.