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Maker Culture  is the tank we swim in  today.

The smart phone has become the modern paintbrush and we are all using it to make photos, videos, tweets , jokes, poems, clever updates, etc. in this new Maker Culture.

We are creating art whether we choose to be conscious of it or not.  Today’s technology tools are low in  expense. Most everything is “free” except for the monthly cellphone bill.

If we look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, we may have our financial woes, but we are operating at the highest level of the Maslow grid — we are expressing ourselves through the arts. We are makers of stuff. And we are making “art”.

I cast a wary eye on runaway technology, believing that it is important to find restraint in the usage .But below are two examples of beautiful collaborations from around the world where Maker culture is working collaboratively for truly inspiring purpose.


A friend of mine sent me this link to the video below from a Ted Speak. It really is an inspiring piece and brought the Ted audience twice to its feet in rousing standing ovations. If ever someone wanted to hear the voices of the heavens, one need only go to this video to find it.

This presentation takes 14 minutes to look at and I would suggest, if you haven’t seen it, to bookmark it and view  it when you have the time to see it  in its entirety rather than scrubbing through it. Over 2000 people contributed to this choral work according to composer and Ted Speaker, Eric Whitacre. Check out the presentation by clicking here.


This other work of art  is better known. This is “The Johnny Cash Project” where people from around the world contributed a single drawing to make an animated piece in memory of the great singer and artist, Johnny Cash. You can check out the video and the site by clicking here.

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