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Happiness, according to the “scientists’ of Soul Pancake, can be found in expressing gratitude. If you have a few minutes, it’s worth looking at this delightful video on the Science of Happiness.

The video is here:

It is surprising how such  a simple action –  expressing gratitude –  can  effect someone.  The video is a bit long for our ever expanding snack culture. So, catch the setup in the first 30 seconds, the perfect moment at 4:25 that had me a bit choked up, and the best takeaway from it all at 6:25.

Soul Pancake  is an independent channel on YouTube. It  supports the concepts of social justice and virtues in an entertaining way.

The 2nd printing has arrived!

The 2nd printing has arrived!

Speaking of “happiness”, for those who haven’t read  my book, The Address Of Happiness, you can order it here. Or for those who have, I would be very grateful (speaking of gratitude)  for you laying down a review here:-)

I know the book is available again in hardback on Amazon  because this nifty second printing just arrived at my door from the publisher. It also can be purchased now through Barnes and Noble.

If you don’t have the cash right now, email me with your address and I will send you on a copy  for I am grateful that you want to read it! Cheers!

Remember happiness is found in gratitude so don’t forget to express your thankfulness, it makes everyone feel better. After all, isn’t it true?  Love makes the world go around.