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Sex is the Ultimate Keyword_Travels in Transmedia_David Kirkpatrick

Sex is the Ultimate Word

When we search on the internet we use a keyword.

In information retrieval, a keyword is  a term that captures the essence of the topic of a document.

Keywords are an integral part of bibliographic control, which is the function by which the search engines of the internet  collect, organize and disseminate documents.

If you are a writer or blogger on the internet, you have to write to a keyword.

If you don’t write to a word (using it several times in your story or text), the search engines won’t be able to find the story when someone searches for it.

Herman Melville only had to mention the great white whale once in Moby Dick, but unless you write “Moby Dick” several times in your story, the search engine won’t consider your story “keyword prominent” — and your story may never be found. And storytellers need an audience for their tales…

The most popular search engine, Google removed stop words such as “the” and “a” from its indexes for several years, but then re-introduced them, making certain types of precise search possible again.

Since I am blogging more and want to establish a platform regarding culture and the Christian worldview, I subscribe to a service entitled “Scribe“. It’s a great software program. It’s expensive but it helps you massage your story and identify appropriate keywords. For instance, when I finish  this story, I’ll put it through Scribe and it will tell me if I have keywords that are useable. For disclosure, I have just joined the Scribe Affiliate Program.

I did a story recently about my letter writing relationship with Walt Disney.

The phrase “Walt Disney” has a high level of keyword prominence with an annual search queue at 16,814,052:

Walt Disney_ Travels in Transmedia_ David Kirkpatrick_Producer



As a Christian, I was delighted to see Jesus score higher than Walt. Although the rock opera featuring His name fared less well:

Jesus Keyword_Travels in Transmedia_David Kirkpatrick





I was disturbed that the prince of darkness, the very corrupt and evil being of earth, keeps his prominence so low:




And by another name, the devil is even lower:

Satan_Keyword_Travels in transmedia_David Kirkpatrick


The devil’s key strategy, is to keep undercover and to be an arcane myth of ancient times. I suppose if people in today’s culture don’t believe in him, then why would they search?

Of course, I have already blown my capper by mentioning sex in the title. I needed to if I was going to find a really searchable keyword.

Sex is not searched in millions or billions but trillions:

Sex Keyword



And then it’s  sex sub-categories are mentioned in  billions….

Sex as the ultimate keyword in travels in transmedia_David Kirkpatrick


















We have always been told that sex sells, but I didn’t  realize the  true dominance of it. The editorial for this will be for another time. That said, sex has really becoming so commoditized, labeled, packaged and idolized that is it any wonder that virtue  in every aspect of our social construct seems to be getting lost.

Virtue as a keyword is less than 5,000…

Virtue as Keyword_Travels in Transmedia_David Kirkpatrick



Perhaps, no editorial is necessary 🙁