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Want to dream better? More completely? Want to remember your dreams?  Try Dream:ON , a new app  available for the IOS system on iPhone. Dream:On sounds like a character out of a Philip K. Dick science fiction novel. However, I saw the app demonstrated  on Doctor Oz so it must be real:-)!  You can install the app for free through this portal on iTunes by clicking here.

How It Works:

Once your mind moves into REM sleep, the  Dream:On App goes to work. It softly plays a soundscape that induces dreaming. The soundscape continues playing throughout your REM cycle, apparently aligning your unconscious state with the conscious. This allows you to be able to remember the dreams.  It also is programmed to return to play before you awaken. There is a built-in alarm with a snooze component   that has a menu of preferences (bells, songbirds, etc.)


Inside the Dream:ON App, there is a series of soundscapes to which one can choose. The default preferences are “Peaceful Garden” and “Into the City”. If you click on the default scapes, the app will take you to twenty other soundscapes  which you can program. There is text description for all of them.

Having read many of the app reviews on-line, it may take a few days for you to start recalling your dreams, but hang in there, it  generally  has been effective in the majority of reviewers after a few days. I am not clear as to why that is.


For myself, I have found an increase in  mental alertness, a general sense of well-being, and a deeper creative wellspring while writing.  I have been using it  for only  one week .  Those who know me  know I am a student of  Carl Jung. I believe that learning and discovering yourself  in  your dreams can bring you to psychic health.

Functionality Drawbacks

There are several downsides to the Dream: On App:

  1. There is  no preview  for the soundscapes
  2. You must sleep next to your iPhone
  3. Your iPhone must remain plugged into an electrical outlet during the course of sleeping. The app drains the battery.

Caution in the Brave New World

The funky aspect of the app is that it includes “haunted” soundscapes. Really, who wants nightmares?

That said, I would use your own discernment  before electing to try it. Please read the one star reviews to determine whether or not you want this is right for you.  In other words, go into Dream:On with eyes open.

For myself, I give it a thumbs up based on a one week history.

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