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Mitt Obama and Barack Romney run the race in the Coliseum


I believe in the constitution.

I believe in the aspiration contained in the bill of rights.

All is so much about winning, that we have forgotten how to run a race well.

Civil disobedience should come when authority ignores the rights of others, forgets the promise that we may love and worship as we please, ignores our liberty.

Paul of Tarsus teaches us to submit to the authority of government, but not to the point where we forsake God’s laws or his Grace.

Our forefathers designed a world that separated church and state.

Our country was designed as a partnership with the authority of the land and the authority of God working together, maintaining different points of view, and supporting the common good of all people.

It was not designed for either elephants or donkeys, but for the people.

It was not conceived as Erastianism (the state controls the church),  nor  theocracy ( the church controls the state) – but in the partnership in which there is separation but  interest for the common good of all people.

But we Pharisees have even turned the symbol of the Lamb away from love and even made ourselves animals.

Amidst all the discourse, we no longer hear our reason or our hearts,  only the shouting noise.

And the rich keep getting richer as the world starves.

And everything has becoming about winning and not about the process. The runners become the same, submitting not to principals but to the cheers of the coliseum.

The horror seems to be that our culture has drugged us to noise and confusion, that we no longer feel the pain of other people’s depravations – the pangs of the hungry, the alienation of the powerless, and the indignaties of the wretched.

We just want to follow animals.