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Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Mark,
I remember the slogan ” I want my MTV”! Maybe you are too young to remember.
MTV was once a  big deal. It’s core business – the distribution of music videos — had a significant place in culture. Then MTV got away from its core business and focused on reality shows . Soon the music was gone and then no wanted  their MTV anymore.
Now there’s the issue of the “want button” for facebook.
I seem to remember that you were against consumerism on facebook.
FB’s original intention was no advertising and then limited advertising.
Consumerism is the economic engine of America, we all know that. But Facebook was built on subtlety of advertisement; not the cesspool of brands that Myspace became.
With the social games excluded, Facebook hasn’t been a place for users to log on and expect to pull out their credit card. The atmosphere of Facebook has always been comparable to your kitchen table  where you sit and socialize as opposed to a mall or Amazon where you’re expected to buy, buy, buy.
The “want” button is a fundamental change in the atmosphere of the site, and you can bet users will notice it.
Facebook is a social environment  to talk with friends to share pictures, our thoughts and what’s going on in our lives. We want to feel like individuals on the site (as ironic as that sounds given what Facebook is). We don’t want to feel like a dollar sign.
I came late to Facebook, For me, it has been a wonderful way to connect and reconnect with generations of friends from around the world.
I just get a queasy feeling about this “want” button. I see the thing entering wedge of something “other”.
We saw that wedge destroy Myspace and MTV.
“Don’t do it, Mark, don’t do it!”
I just want my FB!