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The Address of Happiness

Praveen Kumar Chenna is a poet and entrepreneur on the other side of the world. I came upon his blog when my Google-alert flagged his blog post , Where Is The True Address of Happiness? I very much liked what he had to say….of course, I do believe that happiness is  by-product of loving. We in America  often become lost in the acquisition of things to find happiness, rather than the fullness of life through love. I contacted Praveen and he said , by all means, place his wonderful thoughts on the Transmedia blog. His blog can be found here at PRAVEEN Plus.

This is what he had to say about himself:

I consider myself an explorer, a thinker, a mentor, a visionary. I dare to venture into the unknown with hopes of discovering new treasure, which can be lifestyle, friendships, perspectives, or that aha moment when I realize why something that previously sounded absurd now makes all the sense in the world.     

I am glad in giving my time and energy to ‘do good things’ in the community. I have an eternal affinity for diversity, culture, and travel. I’m a music aficionado..

Believes in God, Loves the very Life, Connects with people, Questions core purposes, Shares what is shared.  “Everybody dies, some will live”

What I am:  Entrepreneur, Blogger & Motivational Speaker, a Lover, constant learner, goal reacher.”

As for me, I have always been a fan of Kahlil Gibran  and his prose-poem, The Prophet I sense that I have met the modern Gibran in Praveen Chenna.

 Where is the True Address Of Happiness? By Praveen Kumar Chenna

“I’d always believed that a life of quality, enjoyment, and wisdom were my human birthright and would be automatically bestowed upon me as time passed.  I never suspected that I would have to learn how to live – that there were specific disciplines and ways of seeing the world I had to master before I could awaken to a simple, happy, uncomplicated life.”-Dan Millman

Happiness is nothing but the absence of striving for happiness….. When we try to fill this absence with simple thoughts …… we will be on track of Happiness….. It is all about…how we taking to handle the issue of Living happily… if we look around the world where we live in,  will show us various scenarios, aspects and  situations,  living standards— poor and rich —Dumb and genius every category has their own people of Happy and unhappy…. So where is true address of Happiness? — folks it is all in our minds………….. how we take the very Life……

Here is it. The Studies conducted by psychologists point some of these thoughts, on these thoughts —Happy people do differently to be on track of happiness and to increase their levels to higher and higher to live optimum Life…

I just not only want to mention the facts but want to discuss each of these thoughts, because no matter what part of life’s path we’re currently traveling on, these ‘happiness thoughts’ will always be applicable.

Kindness – Practice it. What science tells us is performing an act of kindness releases serotonin in your brain.  (Serotonin is a substance that has TREMENDOUS health benefits, including making us feel more blissful.)  Selflessly helping someone is a super powerful way to feel good inside.  What’s even cooler about this kindness kick is that– not only will you feel better, but so will people watching the act of kindness are to adopt the same in almost instantly… isn’t that cool.  How extraordinary is that?

Comparison – Avoid it. Comparing yourself to someone else can be poisonous.  If we’re somehow ‘better’ than the person that we’re comparing ourselves to, it gives us an unhealthy sense of superiority.  What I’ve found is that the majority of the time this type of social comparison doesn’t stem from a healthy place.  If you feel called to compare yourself to something, compare yourself to an earlier version of yourself.

Gratitude – Express it. When you appreciate what you have, what you have appreciates in value.  That’s cool right?  So basically, being grateful for the goodness that is already evident in your life will bring you a deeper sense of happiness.  And that’s without having to go out and buy anything.

Learn to forgive. – Harboring feelings of hatred is horrible for your well-being.  Your mind doesn’t know the difference between past and present emotion.  When you ‘hate’ someone, and you’re continuously thinking about it, those negative emotions are eating away at your immune system.

Optimism – Cultivate it. Winners have the ability to manufacture their own optimism.  No matter what the situation, People who think optimistically see the world as a place packed with endless opportunities.

Savor life’s joys – Deep happiness cannot exist without slowing down to enjoy the joy.  When we forget to embrace life’s enjoyable experiences, when we neglect to appreciate, we rob the moment of its magic.  It’s the simple things in life that can be the most rewarding —–if we remember to fully experience them.

Social relationships – The happiest people on the planet are the ones who have deep, meaningful relationships.  Did you know studies show that people’s mortality rates are DOUBLED when they’re lonely? Yes it is.  There’s a warm fuzzy feeling that comes from having an active circle of good friends who you can share your experiences with.  We feel connected and a part of something more meaningful than our lonesome existence. Think about that…..

Commit to your goals. – Being wholeheartedly dedicated to doing something comes fully equipped with an inexpressible force.  Magical things start happening when we commit ourselves to doing whatever it takes to get somewhere.  When you’re fully committed to doing something, you have no choice but to do.

Counter-intuitively, having no option and where you can’t change your mind will subconsciously makes humans happier because they know part of their purpose and the glorious victory.

Spirituality – Practice it. When we practice spirituality or religion, we recognize that life is bigger than us.  We surrender the silly idea that we are the mightiest thing ever.  It enables us to connect to the source of all creation and embrace a connectedness with everything that exists.  Some of the most accomplished people I know feel that they’re here doing work they’re “called to do.” Folks it is very powerful… though everyone knows it….. just practice…..

Finally take care of your body.– I Love it. Taking care of your body is crucial to being the happiest person you can be.  If you don’t have your physical energy in good shape, then your mental energy (your focus), your emotional energy (your feelings), and your spiritual energy (your purpose) will all be negatively affected.

David Paul Kirkpatrick's The Address of Happiness

Did you know that studies conducted on people who were clinically depressed showed that consistent exercise raises happiness levels?  Not only that, but here’s the good news … Six months later, the people who participated in exercise were less likely to relapse because they had a higher sense of self-accomplishment and self-worth. So just do it…… and be happy……

So, now you know where the address of your true happiness, don’t you………That’s it…….

Note: There is now an official website for my novella, The Address Of Happiness. You can find the website here.