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The Koch Brothers are storybook villains. Ignoring federal safety regulations in their companies, they are responsible for over sixteen known deaths caused by “willful negligence”. Having been “found out”, they have paid out over 900 million dollars in settlements to the families. They destroyed their brother for being a homosexual. The Koch oil oligarchy has poured over 200 million dollars in academic papers debunking global warming, creating confusion as to what is “truth”. In an Orwellian scenario that is so weird it’s almost entertaining, they have forged future propaganda as to why it is better to live in tunnels beneath the earth (rather than above earth).  Now, they have bought TIME Magazine. In these mad-times, it is important for all of us to be vigilant in finding and championing truth-tellers.

Reference: Dark Money by  Jane Mayer .Mayer’s numerous honors include the John Chancellor Award; the Goldsmith Book Prize; the Edward Weintal Prize; the Ridenhour Prize; the Helen Bernstein Book Award for Excellence in Journalism; the J. Anthony Lukas Prize, the Sidney Hillman Prize, the Robert F. Kennedy Book Award, the James Aronson Award for social justice journalism, the Toner Prize for political reporting, and the I. F. Stone Medal for Journalistic Independence.