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Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress : Celebrity and Pop Culture

Today is the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death (August 31, 1997).  In her memory, I put together some footage of , of all things, her  wedding dress. It’s an interesting meditation on  celebrity and pop culture.

The footage of the uncovering of her dress is so odd, it’s as if the attendants were opening King Tut’s tomb.

In actuality, the Princess clothes have been touring America and the world for the last five years.

Outside of a handful of people in my lifetime — Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy, her death seemed to galvanize the world’s eyes more than any other figure in the 20th century.

The length of the train is particularly fascinating. By historical tradition, the train’s size is  to be proportional with one’s holiness.

Her funeral seemed to indicate a sacred bond with the people and the “people’s princess”.