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Alan Horn will become Chairman of Walt Disney Studios

I am delighted with the news that Alan Horn was named Chairman of Disney this week (May 28, 2012). Alan is a great leader, a wonderful executive, and most of all, he loves movies. He had a sterling decade of success as head of Warner Brothers; but he was inched out for a “new generation”. Alan suffered from a forced retirement from Jeff Bewkes, Chairman of Time Warner who is a mere  58.  Much has been written that Alan is 67 as if that is a liability at the Disney Kingdom. Lest we forget, the land of entertainment  made the phrase “Baby Mogul” part of the  20th Century lexicon.

We keep forgetting that the great thing about age is the probability of wisdom. I am hopeful that Alan will be able to steer meaningful and successful entertainment at Disney.

This picture of Mel Brooks, 85, and Carl Reiner, 90, comedy legends in their lifetime made me think of what incredible contributions they have made, going back to their hilarious sketches on the “2000 year old man”. They are still going strong and Mel is very active in comedy.

The Lions In Winter: Mel Brooks & Carl Reiner

The Lions In Winter: Mel Brooks & Carl Reiner