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On #optoutside Friday,  I walked 100,000 steps for Andrei’s dog.  The first 80,000 steps were pretty easy, but the last 20,000 were tough-going. Andrei just turned 8-years-old, has acute Type1 Juvenile Diabetes, and by doing handstands in the street and collecting bottles, Andrei has raised $20,000 for Diabetes Research. He goes to school and also rocks a skateboard.

I thought it was time to help this kid who has done so much for others. A Diabetic alert dog would not only be a wonderful companion for Andrei, but would be able to stay with Andrei at night and monitor his blood sugars. Right now, his mom stays by his side.

Diabetic alert dogs have proven to save lives, especially at nighttime when people are sleeping and unaware of danger. These dogs are costly as the training is extensive for them. If you are inspired or can help in any way, please click here. Any contribution, no matter how small, is tremendous. I have learned small steps finally lead to 41 miles.

Thanks so much. Please find some time to enjoy Nature.  Happy Holidays!