A Rose Blooms On A Wall In Joplin, Missouri : The One Month Anniversary

June 22, 2011 — 4 Comments

While in Joplin Missouri this weekend, I came upon this blood red rose on a wall off the Main Street:

Remembering Joplin

Having seen that haunting rose,  it was incumbent on me to remember those who  have survived with great dignity on the month anniversary of the Joplin tragedy.   The world that watched was deeply moved by the manner in which the Joplin survivors comported themselves. Never is that so evident than in this graffittied wall where that red rose blooms:

Graffitted Wall, Joplin Missouri, June 2011

Graffitted Wall, Joplin Missouri, June 2011

“Look Closer” was the ad campaign for that remarkable picture, American Beauty, made so long ago, also featuring the blood red rose, largely petals, covering the provocative Mena Suvari:

American Beauty Key Art

Key Art From American Beauty

So in remembrance to  the Joplin people in that  tragedy that happened only a mere month ago, we look closer at the wall:

It was inspiring for me, as a Christian, to see a Christian culture, like Joplin , responding with such grace. They did not forsake or turn their eyes away from the face of God. The hardest thing for any of us to understand is suffering, or why God allows this kind of suffering. But as C S Lewis said, ““We were promised sufferings. They were part of the program. We were even told, ”Blessed are they that mourn.””

Who can know the heart of God?  Perhaps  allowing us to witness the remarkable strength and courage that Joplin has demonstrated  is part of his plan.

In another part of town, I visited a neighborhood that had been devastated by the F5 tornado. All the green tree tops had been lifted off the trees making them appear dead:

But as I stepped forward and looked closely at the branches, I saw that new life was returning to the tree:

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4 responses to A Rose Blooms On A Wall In Joplin, Missouri : The One Month Anniversary

  1. Love this article, Dave!

    The Apostle Paul said (Romans 8:17) that as believers and fellow heirs with Christ that we would suffer with him in order to be glorified with him. This is no small thing. It will come. It is happening. Most true believers recognize this. But it is a blessing~all things that ultimately end up as joy are birthed in pain…

  2. My goodness…this powerful graffiti is a gift of hope for the community. Through their faith, the good people of Joplin with persevere. “If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.” Great post!

  3. Look under “Joplin Hope Wall” on facebook…i created a page for thought, pics and stories about how the wall has affected others. God Bless. Vincent “AJ” Alejandro co-painter

  4. Arldean M. Alejandro June 30, 2011 at 5:03 pm

    My son was one of the artists of this wall. His reasons were just as you stated. He wanted to give hope and maybe a smile to all who passed by. The destruction can pull you down, in the middle of it all you can’t help but smile.

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